• We provide outlets for creativity to our community's aspiring painters, sculptors, scientists, engineers and designers through fun and innovative programs. 
  • Programs foster creativity, problem solving, social skills and self-expression.
  • We offer Parent/Child classes, Preschool, School Age, and Teen Enrichment classes.

Contact Youth & Enrichment Director Allison Bardon for more information. 

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  • Enrichment

    • Toddlers & Tambourines Classes
      Toddlers & Tambourines (10mos.-2.5yrs.) In this fun parent/child class, we’ll learn about rhythm and sound while rocking out to some great tunes!
    • Cook With Me Classes
      Cook with Me (18-36mos.) Parents and children will whip up delicious treats in this fun and tasty class!
    • Learn, Play, Grow! Classes
      Learn, Play, Grow! (18-36mos) Join your child in exploring their surroundings in fun and interactive ways. Circle time, games, songs and messy play all await in this engaging class.
    • Shake, Rattle & Roll Classes
      Shake, Rattle & Roll (18-36mos) In this parent/child class that is sure to get children moving, we will sing songs, tell stories and have fun.
    • Build With Me Classes
      Build With Me (2.5-3.5yrs) STEM! This half hour class will help develop fine motor skills by building with LEGO® bricks, blocks and more. It is also a great class to help a child to learn to separate from a parent/caregiver.
    • Nursery Cool Classes
      Nursery Cool (2-3yrs.) Students will develop their gross and fine motor skills in this fun-filled preschool readiness class. They will use sensory activites to discover their surroundings in a classroom environment.
    • Ready, Set...Bye Mom! Classes
      Ready, Set, Bye Mom! (2.5-3.5yrs) This fun class allows little ones to practice independence, following directions, sharing and cleaning up. We will read a story, complete a craft and have a snack, all while learning to separate from a parent/caregiver.
    • The Artistic Alphabet Classes
      The Artistic Alphabet (2.5-3.5yrs) Students will learn about the letters of the alphabet while building on their fine motor skills. They will focus on a few letters each weekand learn about sound-letter relationship as well as letter formation. A great class to get ready for kindergarten!
    • Let's Get Messy Classes
      Let's Get Messy (3-5yrs) Children will make and play with crazy concoctions in this fun and messy class!
    • Junior Architects Classes
      Junior Architects (4-6yrs) A perfect introduction to Legos, students will learn the basics of building simple structures with Duplo and Lego®.
    • Little Lab Coats Classes
      Little Lab Coats (4-6 yrs) Young scientists will perform experiments and learn about science in a safe and fun environment!
    • Snacks & Smocks Classes
      Snacks & Smocks (4-6yrs) Young chefs and artists will enjoy whipping up a wholesome snack and expressing themseves artisticly as they create and imaganitive art project.
    • Adventure Lego® Classes
      Adventure Lego® (5-8yrs.) Raid temples of doom, explore galaxies far far away, bring out your inner superhero and more in this great building class. We'll watch movies, read books and page through magazines to help us build everything we can imagine!
    • Beginning Mindfulness for Students
      Beginning Mindfulness for Students (Gr.1-2) Professional athletes, students and the military use mindfulness because it strengthens our brains just as exercise tones our bodies. In this course, students will learn simple tools to strengthen focus, calm big feelings and make smarter choices. Topics include directing attention, regulating emotion, body awareness, meditation, unhelpful thoughts and the science behind our fight-flight reactivity. Mindfulness lowers stress and anxiety and increases confidence and social skills. Research shows it fosters success in all aspects of a child’s life: in the classroom, on the field and at recess. Classes include a healthy snack (fruit), games and at-home practice suggestions. Each student will receive a Mind Jar (for slowing emotions and thoughts) and handouts, illustrating each lesson’s topic.
    • Cooking and Crayons Classes
      Cooking and Crayons (Ages 5-8yrs.) Children enjoy creating imaginative arts and crafts projects, while also cooking up delicious edibles such as smoothies, granola bars, muffins, and hummus.
    • Crazy Lego® Classes
      Crazy Lego® (5-8yrs) Create and build with everyon's favorite bricks! Each class will explore new themes and find ways to build.
    • Healthy U School Age Classes
      Healthy U (5-8yrs) Healthy U is a physical activity and nutrition education program that utilizes 'CATCH' an award-winning program designed for elementary and middle school-aged children. The nutrition education component of the program helps children make informed, healthful choices. The physical activity session will give participants the opportunity to play a variety of fun games and activities that will get their hearts pumping!
    • Crafty Kids Classes
      Crafty Kids (6-8yrs) In this dynamic arts and crafts class students will create fun and beautiful age appropriate art using clay, oil pastels and various other mediums.
    • Learning Laboratory Classes
      Learning Laboratory (6-8yrs) Through scientific experiments we'll answer age old questions like: Why do Mentos react with diet coke? How can you make a volcano at home? What is OOBLECK?
    • Musical Keyboards Classes
      Musical Keyboards (6-12yrs) Proven group format offers a fun approach to help kids learn to read music. Many different activities in each class help teach timing, finger placement, music theory and much more.
    • Bake Boss
      Bake Boss (7-12 yrs) Aspiring young bakers will learn the basics of measuring and preparing ingredients, kitchen safety and how to decorate their edible masterpieces in this yummy class!
    • Creative Collage
      Creative Collage (7-12 yrs.) Students will learn the basics of collage using mixed media techniques to create unique works of art. A final project and showcase will round out the session.
    • Fun With Fibers
      Fun With Fibers (7-12yrs) Students will have fun learning different sewing techniques and a variety of stitches in this creative new class.
    • Teen Leaders Classes
      Teen Leaders Club (Gr. 6-12) The YMCA Teen Leaders Club is part of a national teen initiative to promote the Y's Core Values of Caring, Honesty, Respect and Responsibility. The Teen Leaders club develops a solid character in each individual and creates a supportive community environment, inclusive of all people. Key areas of focus include: leadership development, community service, and trips & special events.
    • She Cooks!
      She Cooks! (12-15yrs) Girls will learn to make easy and healthy snacks and meals in this cooking class that teaches mindfulness and healthy eating!