Five Days of Action: April is Child Abuse Prevention Month

Apr 12, 2019

5 Days of Action

With just a few simple steps, we an protect kids from sexual abuse.

April is Child Abuse Prevention Month.

Five Days of Action, April 22-26, focuses on preventing child sexual abuse by sharing actions you can take to prevent and report child sexual abuse.

When we know how abuse happens, see the warning signs, and respond quickly to prevent it, together we foster a culture of child abuse prevention. These three habits – KNOW. SEE. RESPOND. – can change the life of a child for the better.

Start today by taking this interactive quiz and signing the pledge to protect children at Here’s to Five Days focused on protecting our kids!

When you KNOW the facts about child sexual abuse, it can help you better understand what to look for and how to prevent abuse.

Offenders often attempt to press boundaries and break rules. When we SEE boundaries being crossed, rules being violated, or see signs a child is being sexually abused, we must be prepared to intervene on a child’s behalf.

If you suspect abuse, how do you RESPOND? When it comes to reporting abuse, it can be intimidating but it doesn’t have to be. If you are prepared, you will know exactly when and how to report. If you suspect abuse or neglect in NJ, call the Child Abuse Hotline, toll free, at 1-877 NJ ABUSE (1-877-652-2873; TTY/TDD 1-800-835-5510). If you believe a child is in immediate danger or needs immediate assistance, call 911.

Together we foster a culture of child abuse prevention.

Learn more about how to report abuse.

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