Facility Enhancements: Fitness Center Flooring Project

Mar 24, 2023

Due to conditions outside our control, the flooring project will take longer than expected due to a high amount of moisture found through the subflooring. The moisture mitigation process has been working up to this point. However, the floor that was already laid down will need to be removed, as it is not adhering properly due to the moisture. The expert flooring company we have contracted with has come up with a solution, and we have put a rush order on the materials needed to rectify the issue. This will delay the project by about one week. Although this temporary inconvenience is not what we had hoped for, this work will be a permanent improvement. 

The good news is, our electricians will be onsite beginning Monday, allowing us to bring 6-8 treadmills back online in Butteneheim Hall by the end of the week. We will relocate some of our stored fitness equipment throughout our facility to allow space for the treadmills.  

Once the flooring is completed, the next and last phase of the project will focus on electrical installations. Our goal is to have all treadmills and the EGYM circuit brought back online first, with all other equipment to follow during this phase. While the electrical phase is being completed, fitness equipment might temporarily be in a different location for our members to use. 

The importance of the Electrical Phase is to ensure everything is stable and grounded. The moisture we found had begun to corrode some outlets and wires. The Electrical Phase will be a 2–3-week process, ending with the completion of the Fitness Center Flooring Replacement project, and all equipment back in its proper place. 

We continue to work closely with our expert installers to resolve this issue, and to ensure that safety and correct measures are taken to rectify the situation, permanently. Please know that we are working hard to ameliorate those conditions. Another update to the timeline will be shared next week. 

Last year, the Madison Area YMCA completed work on several Fitness Center enhancements, including brand new Life Fitness Modern Selectorized equipment, a cardio refresh including Matrix Sprint 8, Kroll Annex upgrades, and the addition of a dedicated smart strength circuit (EGYM). We now turn to the next phase of our Fitness Center Transformation: Floor replacement in the main cardio and EGYM fitness area. Many aspects of the Fitness Center and programming will continue during the floor replacement, and other areas will temporarily pause. Please continue reading for details so that you can plan your workout accordingly.

The Life Fitness Modern Selectorized equipment will remain in place; this equipment can be accessed through the administrative office hallway. The Glasser Center and the Kroll Annex remain fully open. A limited number of pieces of cardio equipment currently including Ellipticals, Stair Mills, Rowers, Bikes, Sci Fit and Nu Steps have been relocated to Buttenheim Hall and remain available to members.

Group Exercise classes regularly held in Buttenheim Hall will be adjusted. Please check the most current schedule through the Madison Area YMCA App or on our website. Due to the specific electrical requirements of the EGYM circuit and of the treadmills, these pieces will be placed in storage and will be unavailable during the project.

Through Nationwide Membership avoid disruption to your workout by visiting one of our neighboring Ys. Our YMCA neighbors at Berkley Heights YMCA, Greater Morristown YMCA, Somerset Hills YMCA and Summit Area YMCA are aware of the floor replacement project timeline, but we encourage you to contact the Y you wish to attend, in advance. Learn more about Nationwide Membership here.

Check out our Full-Court Gymnasium and Pool schedules here. Also, take advantage of access to Y Wellness 24/7, our live and on-demand group exercise virtual platform, available exclusively to our members. Learn more here.

Our Fitness Center flooring upgrade project is currently underway. We have thoughtfully taken into account the needs and safety of our members and the overall organization. The importance of replacing the flooring now is to continue to uphold the safety standards that our members have come to expect at our Y. The Fitness Center flooring started to develop "bubbles" which had the potential to result in a tripping hazard, if we did not undergo this project now. The bubbling of the flooring was caused by water coming up from the subflooring. We are currently taking steps to seal this and create a vapor barrier, so this will not become a future concern.  

While a summer timeframe would have been optimal, additionally, this summer, we will run our day camp at three sites, including our Family Cener. Our facility would not have the capacity to serve our community in both ways over the summer months. 

As we have done with all facility enhancements, we will continue to communicate updates throughout the project, including additional ways to exercise and what to expect. Our goal remains ensuring the safety of our members, staff, and guests at all times, and that this important project gets completed with as little disruption to our members as possible. Thank you for choosing the Madison Area YMCA to reach your health and wellness goals.

Reach out to Associate Health and Wellness Director Peggy Potter or Member Experience Manager Kyle Giffen with any Fitness Center questions.

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