Parent Procedures



Drop off Procedures
As a reminder, parents who drop off at Gate A should park on East Street or in the parking spots facing the building. Parents who drop off at Gate B should park on the property side of Loveland Street or in the parking spots facing the building. From 7-9:30AM and 4-6PM, the parking lot will be one-way only with the entrance closest to Loveland Street and the exit leading to Howard Street. Directional signs are located around the lot.
Please maintain 6-foot distance from other parents when dropping off or picking up your child. Markers on the ground will assist in keeping families at an appropriate distance from one another.

Mask Procedures
We are mandated by the State of New Jersey to encourage children 2 years or older to wear a face mask while in the Center. Please bring your child’s mask at drop off and it will be returned to you at pickup.

Pickup Procedures
Please call the classroom when you arrive at Kirby and are ready to pick up your child. Call the Main Office at 973-377-4945 if you cannot reach the classroom. As a reminder, parents/guardians must wear a mask. To contact your child’s classroom, please see extension below:

 Infant Butterflies ext. 3232
 Infant Teddy Bears ext. 3233 
 Toddler Bumblebees ext. 3241
 Toddler Turtles ext. 3242
 Toddler Ladybugs ext. 3243
 Young 3 Toddler Caterpillars ext. 3262
 Preschool Honeybees ext. 3251
 Preschool Terrific Tigers ext. 3252
 Preschool Owls ext. 3253 
 Preschool Dragonflies ext. 3254
 MiniQuest Preschool ext. 3263
 MiniQuest Learning Experience   ext. 3262
 MiniQuest Specialty ext. 3255