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Personal Trainer

Under the supervision of the Fitness Director, the Personal Trainer is responsible for guiding clients through educating, motivating and designing safe and effective exercise programs that are appropriate for their clients’ training routines.  As floor staff, responsible for maintaining the fitness center,  and assisting member’s on equipment.  In both positions responsible for engaging with members to deepen their understanding of our philanthropic work.


  • Interacts with a positive attitude towards members and clients.
  • Demonstrate proficiency in performing and teaching safe and effective exercise techniques based on YMCA and ACSM protocols.
  • Monitors client’s progress with appropriate documentation.
  • Demonstrates proficiency in fitness testing.
  • Maintains safe practices in all aspects of job performance.
  • Applies appropriate program design in establishing client-training routines.
  • Adapts to changing conditions in the fitness center and is able to re-direct the client appropriately.
  • Remains informed about the Fitness Center and Weight Room and the variety of exercise techniques available.
  • Communicates to the Fitness Director any new clients obtained on their own.
  • Communicates to the Fitness Director any issues and concerns related to the fitness department.
  • Contacts potential clients in a timely fashion and maintains accurate paperwork including all clearances, signatures etc.
  • Acts as a YMCA Ambassador, supports YMCA functions in and out of the organization.Some examples are:Open house, Registration, Healthy Heart Day, Healthy Kids Day, Bottle Hill Day, Annual Campaign.
  • Attends staff/peer-sharing meetings.
  • Follows universal precautions as related to bodily fluids.Completes incident reports following every incident.
  • Reports equipment in need of repair to fitness center instructors.
  • Responds promptly and appropriately with emergency situations and follows appropriate procedures.
  • Assumes full responsibility for scheduled appointments and begins each session on time.
  • Demonstrates appropriate voice modulation with clients while in the fitness center.
  • Adheres to department policies regarding dress codes i.e. fitness attire/staff shirts
  • The Personal Trainer must exercise good judgement in providing a safe, educational and rewarding program for all clients.They must uphold at all times the Madison Area YMCA Mission statement, core values and policies set by the Board.
  • Will use all tools provided to increase the level of member interaction.


All YMCA staff are accountable for understanding the organization’s charitable status and mission to assure access for all through active participation in fundraising and philanthropy efforts.

  • Work with the Development Team, HR and key philanthropy volunteers to increase your understanding and skill set.
  • Build strategic relationships with members for year round member cultivation to increase the number of member campaign volunteers and donors.
  • Assist in achieving your department annual support campaign goal by directly and personally participating in campaign efforts and ongoing fundraising by identifying new volunteers and potential new donors.


  • Position requires current CPR /AED certification.
  • ACE, AFAA, NASM, ACSM, WITTS or a Nationally recognized certification.
  • The individual must possess a professional image and have the ability to provide positive feedback, motivation and encouragement.They must be flexible and adaptable in order to accommodate their clients’ needs and wants. The Personal Trainer must be able to set an excellent example of health, fitness and provide continuity in member service.
  • Ability to talk about the Y mission, engaging members in the philanthropic work of the Y.

The ability to work a flexible schedule that includes early mornings, daytime, evenings, and weekends.

Contact: Joe Gonsalves
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