Thank you to our generous supporters for making a gift during this challenging time when there is a great need in our community.

Here are a list of our supporters since March 17, 2020:

Premier Graphics

USI Insurance Services

MRY Associates, LLC

WithumSmith+Brown, PC

Nicole and Michael Andres

Javier Benitez and Alexandra Huezo

Stephanie and Peter Berk

Anne and Rich DeSalvo

Erin Feeley

Christine and Mike Gilfillan

Jody Gordon

Carol and David Heitzmann

Caron Howick

Erin Kibbe

Carrie and Scott Klokis

Diane Kolster

Stephen and Beth Krawczuk

Shannon Matter

Scott and Lauren Messner

Paul Patella

Rosalyn Roberts

Heather Schoenberger

Karen and Alex Shahidi

Bridget and Carmen Vasto

Kate and Glenn Hunzinger

Joanna Bird and Matthew Weller

Marlene and Rasika Abeysinghe

Holly Kest

William and Tammy O'Shaughnessy

Andrea and John Sullivan

Albert Janssen and Greet Verjans

Melanie Sze


Elizabeth and George Caviness

Anne and David Hargrave

Kate Hay

Jane and Michael Kurek

Katie Kyle

Linda and Scott McClester

Thomas McNally

Jean and Anthony Passalaqua

Jaime Pego Curcio and Brian Curcio

Sandra and Charles Rosevear

Guilaine Saroul

Helen and Rich Van Ness

Christine Walter and Michael Milewski


Kara and Matthew Burns

Victoria Cioppettini and Robert Ferguson

Ellen and Dominick Petrosino

Judy Seery

Yvonne Lau and Wilbur Lee Lau

Elke and George Feese

Raquel Fernández Rodiles

Rebecca Cain


Thomas DiBari

Kristine Dickson

Kristin Elliott

Alison and Curtis Fox

John Pistner

Kay and Joe Smith

Provident Bank

Mary and Doug Schaenen

Daniel Uno

Deborah Fineman

Erica Diehl and Tori Weinstein

Kelley and Matthew Neumann

Prat and Kerry Patel

Marcie Fountaine

Samantha Quattrone

Courteney and Timothy Caine

Scot and Nancy Guempel

Stephanie and Jack Herman

Karen and Mark Hoerrner

Katie and Gregory Soeder

Ankur and Meha Jain

Martha and Steve Anderson

Denise and Dennis Bone

Jennifer and Jeff Bauman

Joanne and Edward Berryman

Jeanne and Patrick Lukasavage

Noel and Charles Robinson

The MCJ Amelior Foundation

USA Swimming Foundation

Joanne Spigner and Arthur Powell

Kerry Patel Designs

Diane Mann and Dennis McKee

Dora Monserrate

Colleen and Tim Cooney

Kathleen and Arthur Owens

William and Patricia Pries

F.M. Kirby Foundation

New York Life

Thomas Harlan

Sharon and Richard Kunas

Astri Baillie and John Kimball

Chris O’Keeffe

Jared and Christy Limbach

Michael and Helen Caulfield

Melissa DeSalvo

Stephen Young and Laura Tilden

Leigh Anne Soroka

Donna Cooke

Geraldine Doyle

Lisa Kelly

Susan Hess

Patricia Coyle

Elizabeth and Warren Vandeveer

Sarah and Colin Smith

Harriet McCarter 

Kathleen Caccavale 

New Jersey YMCA State Alliance 

Kevin Coakley 

Andy and Ellen Weller 

Noreen and William Beaman 


Devika Sharma 

Frances and Donald MacMaster 

Denise and Dennis Bone 


Lisa Shannon


Allie and Robert Shearman

Amie Herman

Tammy Yates

Sandy Halbing

Laura Axler

Samuel Pagano

Lisa Gonzalez

Erin Holt

Head Family Charitable Foundation

Marcela and Carlos Bledt

Hugh C. Smith

John and Mary Lou Demakos

John and Corrie Rath

Kate and John Hamilton

Summit Medical Group Orthopedics

Mary Alice and Frank Ribeiro

Brad and Carrie Kurtzman 

Virginia Laurie 

Cali and Andrew Yost 

Artie Williams 

Scott and Melissa Waterstredt 

Suzanne and Tom Jacobson 

Kathryn and Jason Ruiz 

Susan Hess 

Scott and Chrissy Robins 

Lisa Kelly 

Rotary Club of Madison 

Grace Episcopal Church 

The Nicholas J. and Anna K. Bouras Foundation, Inc. 

The Burris Family Foundation 

Frank Villani 

Kevin Ahles 

Citigroup Global Markets Inc. 

Caitlin and Joshua O'Neill 


Abigail and Vince Maddi 

Credit Suisse Securities (USA) LLC 

Lisa and Jack Fraebel 

Kiwanis Club of Chatham-Madison 

Bank of America 

Marisa Pagano 

Ezra and Alexandra Jennings 

Alex D'Amico

Elizabeth K. Miller 

Susanne and Edward von der Linde 

Jenny and Bill Martinusen 

Melanie and Andrew Barrow 

Ellen McMahon 

Seth Porciello 

Madeline and Elijah Smith 

Steven and Wendi Goldstein 

James and Janet Foster 

Joanne Chouinard-Luth and John Luth 

Robert and Suzanne Rocco 

Riker, Danzig, Scherer, Hyland & Perretti LLP 

Georgeanne and George Limbach 

John and Lilly Combias

Pine Acres Rehab & Healthcare

Hospice of New Jersey

Catherine and Jeffrey Foucher

Sally and Lloyd Rosevear

Allen and Rita Bender

Vicki Lynn Coyle

Morrison Family Foundation

Leanne Oehlke

Gary Javorsky

Marilyn Long

Daria Leidig

Daniel Colby

Brandon Gorny

Nancy Garofalo

Kathryn Edwards

Kim and Patrick Rowe

Joanne and Walter Bleuler

Julie and Doug Witte

J. Andrew Fulda

Patricia Pamiere

Thomas and Joan Jankunas

Robert and Roberta Salamone

John Sowa

Joan and William Johnson

Chiara and Sean Maher

Thomas Piskula

Cindy Viola

Donald and Karen Gulbicki

Paige and Ming Chang

Brian Nolan and Kristine Dermody-Nolan

Jeanne Eisele

Jerry and Diane Vezza

Kimberly Curtis


Toni and Stacy Russo

Kazumi Ikeda

Noel Bischoff

Betty and Thomas Dixon Dudderar

Wendy and David Berg

Liz and Gary Fisch

Dillard and Adrienne Kirby

Robert Delle Cava


Deb Montgomery

Amazon Smile

Richard Alexander

Ann T. Hardiman Fund


Cambrison Trust 

Paul and Antoinette Santucci

Martha and Norman Lewis

Stewart Sloane

Lauren and Greg Phalin

Amy and Jay Oyer

Michelle and Christopher Jadro

Michael and Jan Madura

Sister Maryanne Tracey

Erica Diehl and Tori Weinstein

Student Wish List Project


Dot Stillinger

Alison and John Gillen


Raymond and Lauren Beegle

Danielle and Mike Miller

Lori and John Westerhold

Professional Physical Therapy & Training LLC

Clifford Moodie

WM Blanchard Co. 

Staci and Wallace Wheeler

Thomas and Christina Haralampoudis 

Deb and Isaac Starker

Michelle and Paul Brennan

Carolyn and Gary Gildersleeve

Keith Nier and Lessie Culmer-Nier

Katie and Scott Parker

Michelle and Reed Kean

Lori and Joe Roth

Irene Shonberg Fisher


Sandy Halbing

Patrick Regan

David and Tracy Blackwell

Helen Hallberg

NJ Swimming Foundation


Thomas J. Walsh

Madison Firemen’s Benevolent Association Local #74

Olivia Bakunas

Holly and Thomas Selquist

Ginelle Brown

Elaine Ferrera

Jennifer and Thomas Leaman

Francis Cuttita

Greg and Julie Graziano

Brian Chase

Richard Schlesinger


Mindy and Abraham Houng

Shadek Family Foundation

Matthew Reigle

Joan Huber

Lynda and Jack Beighley

Mark Nedde

Steve and Kim Jensen

Nancy and Bailey Brower

Vinita Almeida

Humphrey’s Insect Control

Open Spaces Management Association

Nancy Cook

Tom Kelcec

Victor and Carmella Bocchino

Shelly and Justin Cutlip

Robert Guempel

Alexandre and Dita Gerber

Barbara Byrnes

Lora and Donald Buzinkai

Mark Amodio

Pat and Gary Arnesen

Talaxi and Mitha Shah

Amy Merse

Patricia and Frank DeSantis

Heidi Muccifiori

Jennifer and Richard Nolan

Cathy Menendez

Wendy and Matthew Bruhn

Douglas and Hilary Tabish

Carolyn and Shaun Polke

Nancy and Nelson Schaenen

Phyllis and Gerard Watson

Georgia and Thomas Papathomas

Barbara and Val Schuszler

James and Judy Pohlman

Paul and Laura Lemaire

Thorsten and Stephanie Wirkes

Charles and Tara Smith

Marjorie Ahrens

Martha and Stephen Anderson

Joanne and Tom Bintinger

Margaret Doherty

Rose Ann and Gerard Hanlon

Helen Vandeveer

David and Cathy Langlois

Geraldine and William Lovejoy

Becky and Andrew Moody

David and Debbie Luttinger

Dorothy Wilson

Rose Nicollian

Thomas DiBari

Yolanda Valvano

James and Lindsay McHugh

Brian Riley

Laura and John Tully

Michael and Janine Heyrich

Sandi Sweeney

Peter Davis

Mary Jo and Michael Saunders

Ruth and Victor Leung


Joseph Capela

Vincent and Cindy O’Donnell

Jennifer Rowland

Charlotte Hamilton

Kathren Delikaris

Dori Howard

Michelle Marlow

Marie-France Greer

Carol and William Kozy

Alexandra Laymon and Henry O’Brien

Jason Merrick

Elizabeth Kirby

Cathy Cerutti

Jessica and Ryan Brennan

Gregg and Dana Lynn Colao

Christopher and Erin Donadio

Brenda and Scott Beebe

Kristin Cubberly Pakonis and Robert Pakonis

Daniel Matthews

Tao-Yuan Wu and Ming-Yuahin Lee

Hannah Conti

Catherine and Thomas McNally

Robert and Hoda Blau

Deborah Barnes

Douglas and Nancy Willis

Betty Abrams

Jennifer and Edward Mendrzycki

Greg and Claire Sherman

Mimi Joe

Suzanne Grocholski

Philip Anderson and Ruth Zowader

Len Resto

Janet Millar

Sean Norek

Thomas and Mary Ellen Mulligan

Wendy Young

Michael Klein

Anne McMains

Judith McCarthy

Gabriele Hiltl-Cohen

Evangeline Tross

Catherine Moy

Harry J. Woods

John and MaryBeth Forte

Diane Drude

Angelo and Sheryl Cilenti

John and Sharon Knightly

Ernie and Rose Piano

Steve and Abby Rosen

Martins and Kristina Putenis

Barbara Staats

Jacqueline Mulcey

Alan Routh

John and Lois Burns

Christopher Cone

Kenneth and Laura LaMontagne

David Gruol

Sean and Suzanne Graham

Kate Gurando

Melissa and David McNamara

Timmo Bressler

Dana and Alice Burwell

Karen Kushla

Charles L. Read Foundation

Joseph and Carol Bardon

Barbara and Richard Hause

Mary Ellen and Joseph Sodano

John and Dot Mitchell

Mary Beth Hansbury

Robert Nissen

Christine Dugan and Geoffrey Maxwell

Frank Lang

James and Cathy McAuliffe

Melissa Kennon

Aaron and Stephanie Wilson

Michael and Debbie Hershey

Jeffrey and Anne Noss

Giovanni Crescenzo

Paul and Katey DePinto


Flavio Somanji

John and Patricia Conlin

Henry and Katie Timmons

Suneet Varma and Nikki Dvivedi

Kim Buccheri

Erin McGowan

Georgia and Thomas Papathomas

Gem Star Foundation Inc.

Lois and John Burns

Bart and Carol Zoni

Philip Brower

Joanne Allegra

Margaret Philp

Helen Heinrich

Joan Choy

Bethany and Max Kramer

Debra Bell

Joan Turk

Jennifer Nardone Cantelmo

Stacy and Toni Russo

Jeff and Jojo Gertler