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Ann and Betty's Story

“They’re all so kind, caring and compassionate. I feel different when I come out from when I go in. The Y picks me up. And my Betty is always my steady.”
-Ann C.

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Sarah's Story

“My favorite part is helping the little kids whenever they need help. Second would be helping with field trips to the zoo and library.”
-Sarah J.

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Gwen's Story

“Lots of us who work here have letters from people like this who thank the Y for making a difference in their lives both large and small. The Y is a resource in our community for everyone—including organizations and businesses.”
-Gwen, Community and Member Engagement Manager

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Dave's Story

“This is something I was told that I would never do. They told me that I would be in a wheelchair for the rest of my life and that I would never walk. I said, ‘Not me.’”
-Dave C.

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Maggie's Story

“This community is affluent; but, just below the surface is another population living here that is barely getting by. They are hard-working families, many who clean homes and work in the landscape business,” Maggie said, adding, “They are so humble and grateful to receive financial assistance awards from the Y.”
-Maggie, Member Assistance Coordinator

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Mollie's Story

“I loved swimming all of my life. I really found a wonderful place to swim at the Madison Area YMCA. There aren’t many places like this. Everyone is just so nice - It’s a wonderful pool. I could sleep here, it’s so great!” 
-Mollie, 95-year-old Madison Area YMCA member

Nancy S

Nancy's Story

"Cancer puts us to the test. The Madison Area YMCA’s LIVESTRONG® at the YMCA program provided one of the answers for me – a support program so that we can thrive. Exercise, good nutrition and the Y’s open heart helped me pass with an A+”
-Nancy S.

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Leigh Anne's Story

"When my mom passed away, the Madison Area YMCA and my Y family gave me everything I needed. I give because everyone in the community should have the opportunity to experience the love the Y has to offer."
-Leigh Anne S.

Stephanie F-circle

Stephanie's Story

"Madison Area YMCA helped me get through this change. Not only did they provide me with the emotional support, but also the financial support to allow for my children to attend the high quality programs they provide here at Kirby and the Family Center. The peace of mind they gave me is immeasurable. I am grateful for the opportunities that my children have been given and proud to be an employee for this important organization that helps so many families each day."
-Stephanie F.

Larissa Wilson family-circle

Larissa's Story

“On a friend’s recommendation, we checked out the Madison Area YMCA. From the moment we walked in, it felt like home. The staff, volunteers and members were all so welcoming that we joined that day! I was amazed at all of the wonderful programs for children and adults. My husband and I both enjoy our membership at the Y, including the fitness center and group fitness classes. Most importantly, we feel so fortunate to be able to provide our children with opportunities to grow and learn at the Y. Our daughter Abby loves getting stronger and building her muscles in gymnastics class, learning new dance moves in ballet, practicing water safety in swimming class and playing with her friends in Kids Central. Our son, Ryan, can’t wait to go to gym class every week and is equally enthusiastic about swimming class! I am proud to be a part of the Annual Campaign and to help the Y provide these opportunities to families who cannot afford it on their own.”
-Larissa W.

Why the Y

  • LIVESTRONG at the YMCA Made Pam Cucco See Herself Whole Again

    Jun 29, 2018

    Pam Cucco

    “LIVESTRONG at the YMCA made me see my power,” says cancer survivor Pam Cucco. “It was a game changer. I immediately made use of the program at the Madison Area YMCA in order to work out—not only to physically rehabilitate but to ‘work out’ all that disappointment, hesitancy and apprehension.” Pam says that the way she sees it, “LIVESTRONG helped me to get my face on—literally!”

    Three years ago, the Madison resident was diagnosed with a rare brain cancer that is usually diagnosed in children. The tumor had slid down her nasal passage and settled in her maxillary sinus. By the time her surgeries were completed, cancer had taken away most of her orbital floor, hard palate, left septum and teeth.

    “My plastic surgeon at Memorial Sloan Kettering told me, ‘I can’t make you look like God made you, but I will try my best,’” remembers Pam, who also felt empowered spiritually through the support of her church community at St. Vincent Martyr and pastor, Fr. George.

    Pam’s doctors recreated the left side of her face with titanium mesh. “It was amazing what they did,” says Pam. After successive radiation retreatments, though, Pam’s face was left asymmetrical. “Though my physical scars were minimal, my emotional ones were massive,” says the former elementary school teacher who received hundreds of letters from her students during treatments.

    Pam learned about the LIVESTRONG program at the Madison Area YMCA from fellow cancer survivors. With the support of her husband and two adult daughters, she embraced the 12-week, data-driven program, taking all the classes she could—including the integrative therapy offerings such as nutrition, balance, yoga, reiki and relaxation exercises.

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