The Madison Area YMCA has teamed up with almost all other New Jersey YMCAs to give members a greater membership value. 

The Y’s Reciprocity Program allows Y members, whose home YMCA participates in the Y’s Reciprocity Program, unlimited visits at other participating New Jersey YMCAs. When members reach 12 visits at the host Y, their home Y will verify if they are visiting their home Y more than the host Y and may limit the number of visits. When assessing usage, the host Y determines if it bases its decision on an individual on the account or the entire unit on the account. 

Members may visit and exercise at any of the participating YMCAs as part of your membership to the Madison Area YMCA. 

Upon your first visit to a Host YMCA (the YMCA that you are visiting), you must present a valid Madison Area YMCA Membership Card and Photo ID. You must complete a “Visiting Member” application form and waiver available at the Host YMCA Welcome Center.

If you are visiting the Madison Area YMCA from another participating Y, the necessary form is available to download by clicking here or visiting our Welcome Center. 

All visitors must also provide a state or government-issued photo ID to be run through the Raptor system before entering the building, including reciprocal members.

List of Participating Y's: click here

Click here for frequently asked questions.

For more information see the Welcome Center or call 973-822-9622.