The Madison Area YMCA School of Performing Arts strives to provide a fun, safe and educational experience for all. We incorporate the values of honesty, caring, respect and responsibility in everything we do and we ask you to follow the same principles. The following policies allow us to do so.

Our Mid-Year Showcase will be held on Saturday, January 18, 2020 with a full dress rehearsal on Friday, January 17, 2020. Both the show and rehearsal will be held in the beautiful Dolan Performance Hall in the Annunciation Center at the College of Saint Elizabeth. Times will be determined in early December. Participation is optional and students participating will be required to submit a Performance Fee and Costume Information Form with the appropriate fee. For your convenience, all forms and information on the performance such as performance fees and costume measurements, show times, and ticket orders will be posted on our School of Performing Arts Member Hub and the Madison Area YMCA website. Tickets for the performance will go on sale in December at a cost of $12 per ticket. All spectators will require a ticket for admission. Please note that if your child is in multiple classes or siblings are in separate classes, there is a chance that they will be performing in more than one show or separate shows.

Participants must present membership cards when entering the facility. Failure to present your card at check-in will create delays and you may be late for class. Class observation is only permitted on designated observation days announced by the instructor. Please refrain from sitting on the floor blocking the classroom door. This is not only a fire hazard; it is a distraction to all of our students. Students who wish to perform in our Mid-Year Showcase are required to make every effort to attend their scheduled classes to be properly prepared with their classmates and feel confident for their performance.

Please arrive on time with your child prepared to participate and fully dressed with appropriate attire. Students are to be dropped off at the door of the classroom and parents/siblings are not to enter the classroom. Dance is a physical activity that requires the body to warm up in order to execute movement safely. Students who arrive late may be required to warm up before they are permitted to participate with the rest of the group. It is important for participants to use the restroom before class as bathroom breaks disrupt the flow of the entire class. Please note: Children under the age of 11 are not permitted to go to the restroom unattended.

Please respect the Madison Area YMCA’s photography policy that does not permit any photo or video to be taken in or out of the class at any time unless it is a scheduled observation week. This means you may not take pictures or video with your phone during regular class time from outside the classroom.

Make-up classes are only held for classes canceled by the department. There are no make-up classes for inclement weather, vacation, illness or holidays. Our program sessions run back to back and it is nearly impossible to make up a lesson without affecting student to teacher ratios.

We encourage positive ways for students to express themselves and their individuality, but in order to maintain a healthy, professional environment, students are also taught the importance of being part of a group. We strongly encourage students to have respect for other students, teachers and classroom property, and we foster the development of good habits and compliance with rules of conduct.

Participants should be dropped off at their classroom door in proper attire. Please do not dress children in the classroom. 

Creative Movement
Comfortable "stretchy" clothes, bare feet.

Dance Kids I, II, & Ballet Combo
Girls: Pink or black leotard and tights, pink leather ballet shoes and black tap shoes with elastic or velcro ties.
Boys: Comfortable “stretchy” clothes, black leather ballet shoes and black tap shoes with elastic or velcro ties.

Boys Combo (Hip Hop & Tap)
Comfortable "stretchy" clothes, black tap shoes, and sneakers.

Pre-Ballet, Beginner Ballet I, II & Ballet I, II & III
Girls: Pink or black dance leotard and tights, pink leather ballet shoes.
Boys: Comfortable “stretchy” clothes, black leather ballet shoes.

Leaps & Turns
Dance or yoga attire and ballet or jazz shoes.

Lyrical Beginner/Intermediate & Advanced
Leotard and dance shorts, half-sole lyrical turners.

Acro Dance
Leotard and dance shorts or form fitting yoga pants, bare feet.

Leotard with footless tights or yoga pants, bare feet.

Tap I, II & III
Girls: Pink or black leotard and tights, black tap shoes with elastic or velcro ties.
Boys: Comfortable “stretchy” attire, black tap shoes with elastic or velcro ties.

Mini Hip Hop, Hip Hop I, II & III
Comfortable street clothes and sneakers.

Mini Jazz, Jazz Beginner/Intermediate & Advanced
Comfortable “stretchy” clothes, jazz shoes.

Mini Musical Theater, Musical Theater, Drama, Acting
Comfortable street clothes and sneakers.

Kids Choir, Junior Broadway Song Choir
Comfortable street clothes

If you decide to withdraw from class for any reason, you may do so before the 3rd class of the cycle.
Refunds are only issued in the event of Madison Area YMCA cancelation of the class or for a valid medical reason documented in writing by a doctor. If you need to make a permanent class switch, there will be a $15 switch fee if the class has availability.

In certain circumstances, when it is in the best interest of one or more students, it may be necessary for the school director to terminate a student’s enrollment. Every effort will be made to correct a problematic situation before enrollment is terminated.

All participants are strongly encouraged to join the School of Performing Arts Member Hub. This is where all program information will be posted. If you have any questions or concerns, please consult with your class instructor or contact:

Courtney Crerand - Associate SOPA Director

Jen Gregory - SOPA Coordinator

Ashley Carr – SOPA Troupe Coordinator