The Pool Schedule is subject to change
Multiple activities take place in the four lane pool at the same time. 

Lap Swimming Tips
Please enter the pool in the shallow end. To avoid accidents, when entering an occupied lane, please receive the first swimmer’s acknowledgement that you are there. Please get kickboards, pull bouys, etc. before entering the pool.

If there are 1 or 2 swimmers in a lane, they may elect to split the lane in half. The entrance of third person immediately changes the lane to Circle Swim format.

Please try to choose a lane with swimmers that most closely match your speed 

If you need assistance please ask the lifeguard. 

Pool Rules
1. NO one is permitted in the water when lifeguard is NOT present.
2. NO running, pushing, grabbing, holding, dunking or roughhousing in pool area.
3. All swimmers should shower before entering the water.
4. Do NOT use pool if you have any communicable skin diseases, open/bandaged wounds or cuts, burns, blisters, sores, inflamed eyes, nasal or ear discharges.
5. Do NOT enter water if you are experiencing, recovering or showing any symptoms of gastrointestinal issues in the past seven days.
6. Engaging in activity that endangers the safety and well-being of others is prohibited.
7. Persons suspected of being under the influence of drugs or alcohol will NOT be permitted in pool area.
8. Children that are not toilet trained MUST wear an approved swim diaper while in the water. No cloth or regular diapers.
9. Children are encouraged to use restroom BEFORE entering the water. Any accidents MUST be reported to the lifeguard.
10. Animals are NOT permitted in the facility, with the exception of service animals.
11. Glass containers are prohibited on pool deck.
12. The use of camera or video is prohibited.

1. ALL children 10 years and younger MUST have an adult in pool area AT ALL TIMES.
2. ALL children 12 years and younger MUST have an adult escort them to pool area and MUST remain in building at ALL TIMES.
3. Children who are non-swimmers MUST have an adult with in an arms length at ALL TIMES and MUST remain in the shallow end.
4. Any person wearing a flotation device MUST remain in the shallow end at ALL TIMES. No water-wings or floaties.
5. No jumping or diving off starting blocks.
6. The lifeguard may ask any member to take and pass a deep water test. Those who are unable to pass the test MUST stay in the shallow end of the pool.
7. Power packs, large barbells, water toys and noodles are the ONLY equipment allowed in the shallow end.