• We provide outlets for creativity to our community's aspiring painters, sculptors, scientists, engineers, future chefs and designers through fun and innovative programs. 
  • Programs foster creativity, problem solving, social skills and self-expression.
  • We offer Parent/Child classes, Preschool, School Age, Teen and Adult Enrichment classes.

Contact Youth & Teen Director Liz Kryznefski for more information.

Enrichment painting

Youth & Family Enrichment Programs

Encouraging self-expression through art, music, building and other creative classes seven days a week. Programs include Cook With Me, Animal Alphabet, Adventure LEGO®, Snacks & Smocks, Cooking and Crayons, Musical Keyboards, STEM classes and more!

Adult Enrichment

Adult Enrichment Programs

Introducing a new series of cooking classes just for adults! Whether it’s whipping up sweet treats, healthy grocery tours or exploring multicultural cuisine, these classes are designed for you to learn, practice and eat!

Program Guides


Summer Guide 2019

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