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More than physical activity and healthy eating, YMCA healthy living encompasses a holistic approach to well-being that significantly enhances the lives of individuals, families, and communities.

We provide a welcoming, safe and supportive environment for all ages to become healthier and stay well in spirit, mind, and body.



LIVESTRONG at the YMCA supports cancer survivors and their families through a no-fee 12-week, research-based program, that engages them in physical and social activities to strengthen the whole person.

Health & Wellness

PATHS TO WELLNESS: Programs that Heal the Whole Person: Emotionally, Mentally and Physically.
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  • Believe in Yourself

    Jul 01, 2019

    You know the importance of staying focused to creating willpower. An important construct of willpower is self-efficacy, or the belief in oneself to facilitate a change. High levels of self-efficacy can be a good indicator of readiness and willingness to make a behavior change. Believe it and achieve it!

    As I have said before, discipline is an essential construct in staying committed to your healthy lifestyle. To truly see a change and work towards your health and wellness goals, you have to exercising when you “don’t feel like it.” There are always a million reasons why you cannot exercise. You may have errands to run, kids to take to sports or you may just feel like relaxing. Instead, think of all the reasons you SHOULD, CAN and WILL exercise!  It’s about finding your motivation to stay true to yourself on this journey to a healthy lifestyle.

    A behavior change depends on the mentality you bring to the table. Cultivating a positive mental attitude is a great first step to change your unhealthy behaviors and move towards a healthier lifestyle. A positive mental attitude is what fuels your fire. It’s not enough to WANT to succeed; you have to truly BELIEVE you will succeed. 

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