January 7, 2017

Please review our Family Center policies. Help ensure that our Y remains a safe and secure place for all. CLICK HERE

The safety of the children who use our facility has always been a top priority at the Madison Area YMCA. We have been scanning driver’s licenses and state-issued IDs of the people who enroll or visit at our facility.

Technology has now evolved that provides instant screenings for registered sex offenders in all 50 states. Raptor vSoft, a leading web-based platform, provides an effective way to help community facilities like our Y keep unwanted visitors out while also tracking those we allow in.

Since September 2014, our staff has been using the Raptor system. All members and visitors will have their drivers’ licenses or other state-issued ID scanned. If a potential threat is identified, the Raptor system will send instant alerts to designated management staff via email and text. Law enforcement would then be notified if necessary.

If you have any questions about the Raptor system, please contact Bob Conley, Vice President of Operations at 973-822-9622 x2244. 

Thank you for your cooperation in helping our Y protect all the children who come to our facility.

For more information about the Raptor program, please click here.