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Autism Awareness Month at the Madison Area YMCA

Mar 27, 2015

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Autism Awareness Month at the Madison Area YMCA

(Madison, NJ) March 27, 2015- Join the Madison Area YMCA this month in promoting autism awareness.

Autism Awareness Month is a nationwide effort to support autism awareness, inclusion and self-determination. This effort will ensure that each person with Autism Spectrum Disorder is provided the opportunity to achieve the highest possible quality of life.

Autism is used to describe a group of complex developmental brain disorders that are caused by a combination of genes and environmental influences. The disorder can be characterized by communication difficulties, social and behavior challenges, and repetitive behaviors.

It is the fastest growing developmental disorder in the country with prevalence rates increasing 10 to 17 percent annually. ASD is affecting an estimated 2 million people in the U.S. and tens of millions worldwide. It affects one in 45 children in New Jersey and costs families $60,000 a year on average.

To learn about programming and services for children and adults with special needs, contact Madison Area YMCA’s Special Needs Coordinator Jenna Zwain at or call (973) 822-9622 x2315.